The Waggle ep. 194: Exploring the QB landscape with Marshall Ferguson

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    Marshall Ferguson joins Davis Sanchez for another off-season edition of The Waggle. We're talking the latest leadership news in Montreal, where the QBs will last this time around, and what to expect from the CFL global combines.

    0:00 - Montreal secures new GM and President

    14:10 - Analyzing the QB landscape in 2020

    19:00 - Who’s better right now: Masoli or Evans?

    20:10 - Toronto QB situation

    22:40 - Where does Zach Collaros fit?

    29:20 - Davis tells an NFL story about battling for a roster spot in training camp

    33:38 - Global combines underway across the world

    39:11 - Goodbyes

    Break the huddle and head to the Podcast...

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