The Waggle ep.195: Going Global + Who are the Top 30 FAs?

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    Brodie is back from her honeymoon and joins Donnovan to chat about the latest on CFL 2.0, the top 30 free agents about to hit the market, and the appropriateness of sweatpants in the office.

    0:00 How late is too late to say “Happy New Year”?

    2:00 Brodie’s wedding and honeymoon in Australia/New Zealand

    6:30 Global combines continue, Brazil joins CFL 2.0 movement

    9:15 Donnovan discusses his optimism about 2.0 after the success of Thiadric Hansen

    16:45 Free agency approaching, top 30 free agent list dropping this week, Brodie and Donnovan’s top free agents

    31:45 CFL Power Couples

    40:35 Montreal front office assembles

    43:20 Who will Megan and Harry cheer for?

    45:50 Objectionable conduct: When are sweatpants appropriate?

    Break the huddle and head to the Podcast...

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