The Waggle ep.197: Free Agency Preview with Dave Naylor

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    With just one week left before the chaos of Free Agency begins, Dave Naylor joins Donnovan and Davis with predictions and analysis of all the biggest signings.'s Chris O'Leary also stops by to explain the new free agency window and what it means for fans of the league. Later, Donnovan wants to dig into Davis' childhood memories for this week's edition of "Objectionable Conduct".

    0:00 Welcome to the Waggle presented by Sport Clips

    1:45 Chris O'Leary has entered the chat

    3:11 Superbowl 54 - how did it stack up to Grey Cup 107?

    6:23 Postgame comments from Chiefs' Frank Clark

    7:46 Understanding the new Free Agency window

    10:00 Why the new window was introduced

    12:50 Dave Naylor discusses Nichols' limited options, what GMs are saying about the window, and what to expect going into free agency.

    40:10 R.I.P. Willie Wood

    41:09 Objectionable Conduct

    Break the huddle and head to the Podcast...

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