The Waggle ep.198: Come on back to Winnipeg! Willie stays while Walker keeps us waiting (post-Free...

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    Davis and Donnovan wrap up the week that was in a special post-free agency episode.

    0:00 SportClips contest

    1:43 Initial thoughts on how free agency 2020 played out.

    4:37 Argos' recruiting tactics during negotiation window.

    8:40 Davis tells a story about his recruitment visit to Oregon.

    11:52 Willie Jefferson's impact on the defensive market

    16:31 Scheme capital and the value of different positions

    20:08 Who "won" free agency?

    36:05 Who "lost" free agency?

    39:18 Derel Walker on a reality TV show?

    41:56 SJ to XFL

    47:46 James Franklin's comments on his time in Toronto

    Break the huddle and head to the Podcast...

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