The Waggle ep. 200: Mama, we made it! ft. James Cybulski

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    The Waggle officially hits the 200th episode mark this week and O.G. host James Cybulski is back to celebrate the milestone and reflect on the young history of the official CFL podcast. The guys take a walk down memory lane from recording the first episode, to their favourite interviews, the first time they ticked off a fan base, and much more.

    0:00 Welcome to the Waggle presented by Sport Clips

    2:08 We made it to 200! Welcome back James Cybulski

    3:54 James recalls the origins of the podcast

    5:27 Davis tells a story about recording the very first episode

    7:20 The first player who DM'd to complain about something said on the show

    9:33 Cybulski recalls a time he felt the wrath of Riderville

    14:03 Memorable quotes from June Jones and some hindsight on Johnny Manziel

    23:10 Favourite interview on the Waggle (so far)

    27:45 Donnovan and James connect on their love of history

    32:46 Cybulski's favourite storyline of the 2019 season

    35:50 Davis and James share a story from the 2016 Grey Cup

    43:18 What's Cybulski up to post-Waggle?

    46:35 Cybulski's eclectic twitter following

    48:52 Favourite football movies

    53:04: Til next time, C-Buls!

    Break the huddle and head to the Podcast...

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