The Waggle ep. 201: Busting CFL myths with Randy Ambrosie

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    It's a rapid fire rundown of the hottest topics from the message boards and comment sections. Donnovan is joined by CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie this week to address some of the most common misconceptions, criticisms, and questions from fans across the country.

    0:00 Welcome to the Waggle presented by Sport Clips

    3:19 Randy's least favourite CFL misconception

    6:20 Should the CFL playoffs be moved to Saturday to avoid competing with the NFL?

    8:20 Why isn't the Vanier Cup paired with the Grey Cup each year?

    9:29 Start the season on Canada Day!

    10:08 Quebec City expansion team

    11:46 Too much roster fluidity in the league

    13:24 CFL All-Star game

    14:59 New playoff format idea

    17:09 Picking playoff oppoents

    19:10 CFL 2.0 potentially affecting Canadian players negatively

    22:53 Merging with other leagues

    25:40 Relationship with the NFL and advice from Roger Goodell

    27:32 CFL games on international soil

    28:20 Football operations salary cap

    32:34 The #1 thing fans can do to support football in Canada

    35:03 Greater harmony between Usports and CFL schedules

    38:57 Combine interview questions and advice for attendees

    Break the huddle and head to the Podcast...

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