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    Courtesy of the recently discovered Joe Mack Chronicles.....

    1. Calvin Johnson - He's OK, rate him about 7 out of 10, jumps too high, higher than most CFL QBs can toss - don't like his nickname either - NEGATRON!

    2. Doug Flutie - Guy looks like he just came out of bantam, can't be anymore than 5'2".....I'm taking Kevin Glenn or Mike Quinn if I get the chance!

    3. Milt Stegall - don't like guys named after comedians (ie. Milton Berle).....I'll admit he's funnier than Berle, but his hands are more like Farrah Fawcett.

    4. Anthony Calvillo - can't see this boy playin' pro football, runs like loose stool, looks like Jimmy Kimmel's assistant boy.

    5. Tom Brady - whats all the fuss? Guy is too tall, too gangly, should be auditioning to be a male model, maybe female model, who knows! Can't take a hit, don't think he outran Clinton Wayne in the combine, tied with Precious Labinjo and Matt Sheridan in the 40.

    6. Larry Robinson - can't kick sqawt, slower than Pajeckowski, absolutely no pro potential!

    7. Wayne Harris - 5'11", 190 lb. middle linebackers don't grow on trees, they hide in them. Too bad he's not canuck, he'd be a fair special-teamer.....

    From the Joe Mac-Book Chronicles -

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