Fear & Loathing in Bomberville

Discussion in 'CFL League Talk' started by Bronko, Jun 25, 2012.

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    Its hard not to notice the tension in Plop La Police's voice when he's asked questions regarding ever-changing personnel, lost players, limited practice times, execution and more.

    Even the normal tight-lipped bravado of Bomber GM, Drowsy Joe Mack is marked by careful parsing of words and hope rather than knowledge.

    Other than the normal band of 18-0 shills most reasonable minded bomber fans are bracing themselves for nothing but the hurt. The hurt of losing more games than expected, especially after such a promising 2011 season.

    The Bombers are facing a monster this weekend for their opener (first of four on the road due to the botched stadium re-entry plan).....travelling to BC to face the roarin' Leos. My guess is Plop has his excuses already written (ie. we need to work on execution, Buck still needs to get used to his new receivers, our o-line is good but green, no dominant MLB, the normal trash-talk from Hefney & JoJo Johnson, loss of Clint Kent, kicking woes, etc.

    Bombers have as many good to great athletes (perhaps more) than any team in this league. Their main problem is coordinating these guys into a cohesive force. Even Plop knows the end of the line may be approaching if his methods results in bupkis results. (I actually think he's safe cuz of his great community work but results dictate change and if the bombers come out shady (0-6 to 1-8) I suspect Plop is Ploop.
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    It is likely going to be a tough year for the bombers because of scheduling and the pressure to repeat last year's feat. If things don't go their way this year I'm confindent they will bounce back in 2013. They just need to keep the ship afloat and continue to build their team and their fanbase towards a championship.

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