Fitness trainer and core Stamps special-teamer Mayo coming in off ‘excellent camp’

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    Fitness trainer and core Stamps special-teamer Mayo coming in off ‘excellent camp’
    Stamps brass had been impressed with hard-working linebacker
    Rita Mingo,

    It is Deron Mayo’s “other” job to prepare athletes, help them get in shape for their respective training camps.

    So you’d be hard pressed to find a guy who came to the Calgary Stampeders’ camp in better shape.

    “I kind of count on that as being one of my advantages coming back over here,” grinned the 25-year-old linebacker, who has parlayed an Exercise Specialist degree into a training business in Foxboro, Mass.

    “Unlike the NFL, they don’t have OTA’s (organized team activities) or mandatory lifting. Don’t get me wrong, Coach (Brent) Monson does provide us with very detailed lifting programs. But I get to work out in the morning and in the evening I get to train other athletes. So I’m around it all day; I don’t have to leave a 9-to-5 and then rush over to the gym and get a quick lift in. That definitely pays off.”

    Be it his unparalleled fitness level or just his innate ability, Mayo has become a dependable cog in the Stamps’ defensive and special teams’ machinery, in just his second CFL season. He played in 17 games last season, thus getting the first-year jitters out of the way.

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