Former Calgary Stampeder Jamie Crysdale

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    Former Calgary Stampeder Jamie Crysdale took lessons from football and applied them to his drilling business
    Alex Eldridge, Alberta Oil

    Some professional athletes struggle to find work after they retire from pro sports. Not Jamie Crysdale.

    The longtime Calgary Stampeder was able to make a smooth transition from sports to owning his own business. “While I was playing I was running my business, so it was a very hectic time but it gave me the ability to make the transition when I was ready to, not when I was forced to,” he says.

    Crysdale played as an offensive lineman for the Stampeders for 13 seasons from 1993-2005. And before he retired from the gridiron, he founded his aptly-named company GridIron Drilling Services during the offseason in 2003. The company now has annual revenues of $25 million – about five times more than the entire payroll of the Stamps’ roster.

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