Former Stampeder Eric Rogers Nursing Knee Injury Instead of Playing with 49ers

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    In a perfect world, a fair world, Eric Rogers would be on the football field making plays for the San Francisco 49ers.

    Instead, the 25-year-old receiver, who lit up the Canadian Football League with the Calgary Stampeders in his lone full season north of the border, is sitting in a Pensacola, Fla., hotel room, a stone’s throw away from Dr. James Andrews’ facilities.

    After tearing his ACL two weeks ago, Rogers’ knee was repaired by the renowned orthopaedic surgeon last Tuesday, kick-starting a year-long journey back to health for the California native.

    Not the type to feel sorry for himself, Rogers realizes the timing for the first major, season-ending injury of his career was less than ideal.

    “I felt bad because I know that I’m missing games that I would’ve been playing in,” Rogers said. “That’s the hardest part to get your head wrapped around. It was a great opportunity that I had, and all I had to do, really, was stay healthy and things were going to fall in place. Just looking at how practice was going and the receivers that we have and what the coaches were telling me, I had no doubt that I’d be helping out on Sundays.”

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