Fraser institutes new gameplan with Calgary Stampeders

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    Fraser institutes new gameplan with Calgary Stampeders
    Scott Mitchell,

    Eric Fraser is trying to talk more and dwell less.

    Heading into his second full season as the Calgary Stampeders starting free safety, the 26-year-old wants to keep an even keel throughout the trials and tribulations, interceptions and missed assignments, pass break-ups and missed tackles that come along with an 18-game season.

    “The season is super long — there’s a lot of ups and downs, between one week to the next,” Fraser said of what he learned last season. “You just gotta keep your head down and work and stay level-headed — don’t get too high when you have a good game, don’t get too low when you have a bad game.”

    It’s something he feels hijacked a portion of his productivity in 2012.

    “It wasn’t even necessarily that I had bad games, just bad plays, and I kind of let that hang in the back of my head,” said Fraser, also noting he’s learning how to take care of his body better.

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