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Discussion in 'Calgary Stampeders Talk' started by Tundra Mustang, Jul 1, 2019.

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    It appears that the Stampeders are sending BLM for an MRI tomorrow for a scan of his right pectoral which is possibly torn, and if it is, that might well cost him the season...
    We'll definitely miss Bo if he's out for any significant time. :(

    The "next man up" mantra is really gonna be put to the test if the MRI shows what they think it might.

    And the pressure will be squarely on Arbuckle to find a way.

    I do like what I've seen from that young guy at this early stage in his career, but it's a different role having to carry the team as its starter rather than to come off the bench in relief...

    Anyway, I guess here we go.

    Rather than call for the "next man up", it looks like it may well be time to "'Buckle up"! ;)

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    Arbuckle sure got himself "fattened up" when the Lions went into panic mode after building a 21 pt. 1st half lead. Combination of the BC offense going "LaPolice Conservative" and Devon Claybrooks inexperience as a head master took the Lions out of the game - but Arbuckle still had to complete a series of passes and the Stamps had to capture a beauty on-side kick for things to transpire.

    As for BL Mitchell. This guy has been a warrior for Calgary over his medium length career. He's wearing a harness over his damaged leg and he doesn't seem bothered by it - he was never a massive escape artist like Mikdini Reilly in BC or Durant - or Burris and now Masoli. He was really good (actually great) at changing pocket position, stepping up or side-angling to shed snorting killers after a QB kill-shot. Now, he appears good (not great).

    Mitchell has shown me a tendency to play thru real pain. I can think of only Reilly as a current comparison. In the old days - QBs like Joe Kapp, Kenny Ploen, Jackie Parker & Ron Lancaster could play thru hardcore injuries (concussions, separated shoulders, knee and/or ankle damage, etc). Ricky Ray & AC Calvillo tried extending their careers thru significant injuries but the results led to their inevitable retirements.

    If this is a true pectoral injury - the recovery rates vary from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on extent and more importantly the recovery ability of the athlete. So if its serious - the 2 month period might be compressed to a month with a durable man like Mitchell. The 2 week period for minor pec damage could actually be limited to 1-game or none - and if its 1-game, I wouldn't be surprised if Mitchell actually dresses for the next Stamps match w/ Arbuckle starting.

    Some organizations are willing to expose their top stars to further damage and injury extension. Calgary is obviously one of these such organizations. Montreal & Hamilton are probably the next two on the list. Organizations like Winnipeg are at the other end of the spectrum. Any minor injury usually results in the man placed on IR (1 or 6) and then being coddled thru recovery. Stampeder philosophy seems to dictate that you're here to play football - so play!

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