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    Fuller looking forward to a big role with Stamps
    The 2014 Canadian Football League season was a real conundrum for Jeff Fuller.

    On the one side, the team blew the field away en route to a Grey Cup title. On the other, Fuller agonized from the sidelines for much of the year, felled by one major injury after another.

    Suffice to say, he’s straining to get training camp underway.

    “It was tough, because those big games are what you live for,” explained Fuller, one of several Calgary Stampeders’ players and coaches who basked in the adulation of roughly 12,000 fans at Saturday’s sun-splashed Fanfest at McMahon Stadium.

    “It was real upsetting not to be able to play in it, but I’m glad they got it done. It was fun to watch. Just want to stay healthy and make sure I come ready and help out.”

    Stamps’ rookie camp gets underway on Thursday while the vets will report for duty on Sunday as the defence of the Cup gets underway in earnest. The 25-year-old Fuller, who signed with the Stamps as a free agent in September of 2013, has been rehabbing the knee and proclaims it ready for the grind.

    “Last off-season I waited probably until about two or three months before the season started to start training,” he noted, “but since I had the surgery, I’ve pretty much trained throughout the whole off-season. January was my surgery and then I rested for about two weeks and from then up until now I’ve been working really hard.”
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    Fuller and Rogers will be epic.

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