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Discussion in 'Calgary Stampeders Talk' started by Tundra Mustang, Dec 14, 2013.

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    After Monday, Kevin Glenn may be a RedBlack.

    And if drafted, he's ready to serve:

    Easygoing Glenn would embrace RedBlacks

    The CFL’s expansion draft is set for Monday and the new kids on the blocks, the Ottawa Redblacks, are expected to spirit the ageless one away from the Stamps, as a complement to a young, eager, soon-to-be-blossoming signal-calling talent, quite possibly current B.C. backup Thomas DeMarco.
    Rick Campbell, former defensive co-ordinator here and Ottawa’s head coach, fully understands the range of skill sets and intangibles a Kevin Glenn would bring to any organization, much less a startup project. Dependability. Peerless professionalism. An unflappability — both in the claustrophobic chaos of the pocket or when asked to cool his heels along a sideline and help plot strategy.
    For two seasons out at McMahon Stadium, he’s only been the best insurance policy this side of All-State. Just wins games when asked to play, doesn’t moan and sulk when ordered to watch. Who better, then, to act as a mentor to your quarterback of the future? Or to come in and give you a chance to pull games out of the fire?
    Redblacks’ general manager Marcel Desjardins said a week ago that he’ll pick a veteran and a youngster at the position in the draft, and won’t be picking any potential free agents. Which means Toronto’s Zach Collaros, Hamilton’s Henry Burris and Saskatchewan’s Drew Willy aren’t on his radar.

    As much as I'd like to keep Glenn in Calgary to help mentor Bo Levi over the next couple of seasons, the drafting of KG would mean the Stampeders will get to keep Rob Maver.

    And given the choice...

    Enjoy your final years in Ottawa, Kevin! ;)

  2. oilpatchhilbily

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    For a fan that was PO'd when we acquired Glenn in the Burris trade....have to admit that he has done a lot for our club throughout the last two regular seasons! The same opinion does not however extend to the post season play.

    While he doesn't shoulder all responsibility for both....never really stepped up either. Wish him luck!

    TSN is reporting that Law has a tryout with the Patriots....hate to see him go.
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    Glenny is a serviceable gamer who will provide depth insurance, regular season wins and decent stats. However, when things are notched up into post-season calibration Kevin remains in regular season gear. The shortest dropback passer in pro football history at only 5'8" or 5'9" one wonders just how great he would have been with a bit of a running edge?
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    Now that the dust has settled, I am getting really intrigued at the prospect of Bo and Tate. I think Bo could carry the mail this year if needed, and Tate is a complete wildcard; he has basically had a full year off to heal (again) but he has got to be absolutely driven to show us all he is the guy we thought he could be after everyone has been harping he's made of glass and is the guy we shouldn't protect, etc.
    I for one am excited for next year at QB!

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