Gudmundson Takes The Reins From Longtime Stamps Trainer Pat Clayton

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    Gudmundson takes the reins from longtime Stamps trainer Pat Clayton
    The apprentice has become the new master as Calgary CFL team prepares for 2013 season
    George Johnson,

    Replacing a legend is always a daunting task.

    Even if that legend isn’t making the headlines, hearing his name chanted rapturously by the fawning multitudes, eluding the rush to gun a last-play touchdown pass to win the big game, grabbing the TV face time, the glory and the girl.

    “I know,” confesses Michael Gudmundson, “I’m not going to be able to replace Pat Clayton. I’m just going to take some of what he taught me — most of what I know I learned from him — add some of my own elements and do the best job I possibly can.

    “But I know I can’t replace Pat. No one could. So I’m not even going to try.”

    For going on three decades, Clayton tended to the Calgary Stampeders wounded, provided the unsentimental answers to the tough questions. He was the layer on of hands, the chronicler of stubbornly sore joints and torn shoulders and ripped ACLs and cobwebbed heads.

    The undisputed sorcerer of the McMahon Stadium medical room.

    And for seven of those years, Gudmundson acted as his apprentice.

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