Hamilton & BC, Domination Nation

Discussion in 'CFL League Talk' started by Bronko, Jun 25, 2012.

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    May 5, 2012
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    Still think there's mostly parity in our great league but if you had to name two teams that will be slightly more dominant I'd have to go with BC & Hamilton. (Thats my early-line Grey Cup picks)

    BC is pretty solid from top to bottom. Nobody knows what it takes to build winners and hardcore competitive teams than GM Wally Buono. Loss of Solly Bomb Bombs stings but they'll get somebody in there who's almost as good. Standard issue of how good their o-line is will determine whether they dominate at 11-7 or can go as high as 14-4....

    Hamilton won't be near as good as BC but they'll be better than anything else in the East. The wheels are falling off AC, Wpg is rife with turmoil and panic and Toronto, well Toronto is Toronto.....

    Having an athletic old pro like Laughing Hank will enable Hamilton's offense to stretch CFL defenses like never before (even with Hank's mechanical problems) vs. having their offense run by 'The Field Mouse, Kevin Glenn'.......Hammy will be 10-8 to 12-6, my money is on 11-7.
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    Much as i like to root for the als i wouldn't mind seeing a Hamilton-Toronto east final. Amazingly in a 4 team division. It hasn't been done since 1986.

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