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    The big man admits to being flattered.

    Intrigued. Enticed. Even swayed, ever-so-slightly.

    After all, who doesn’t enjoy the attentions of an ardent suitor? Who doesn’t get a kick out of being wooed?

    “But at the end of the day,’’ DeVone Claybrooks is explaining, “you want to be where you’re happy.

    “Calgary’s where I’m happy.

    “I’ve been here nine years, this is my 10th season coming up. I’ve established roots here.

    “You look at other situations around the league. In my nine years here, other teams have gone through five or six (coaching) staffs.

    “In the same time frame, I can think of maybe three coaches who’ve left Calgary.

    “That isn’t just coincidence.

    “In professional sports, especially in coaching, when you can find a place that pays you fairly, respects your opinion, you’re respected for what you do and they let you do your job … well, you ride it until the wheels fall off.”

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