How the Stampeders Roster Was Built

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    The current Calgary Stampeder roster is 64 players strong when you include players kicking around on the Practice Roster and the Injured Lists. So where did all those players come from?

    Taking the roster and breaking it down into five categories was the first step. There are five ways to acquire players in the CFL – Canadian College Draft, Supplemental Draft, Free Agents with CFL Experience, Free Agents without CFL Experience and Trades. Many may expect to see that Free Agents without CFL Experience leads the pack but maybe not by the size of that gap.

    42.19% of the roster comes through free agency that has no games played in the CFL. That works out to 27 players overall with 24 being imports and 3 being non-import players. Nik Lewis is the longest serving free agent with no CFL background with the club having joined in 2004.

    The Stampeders have done well through the Canadian College Draft and have added 28.13% of the current roster through that wonderful off season event. 18 players out there have roots through the Draft including long timer Marc Calixte who was a draft pick in 2003.

    Now there’s also the Jabari Arthur Exception to this breakdown. Jabari was acquired in 2007 via the Canadian College Draft but was let go to play in Winnipeg for a few weeks in 2010 before signing back with the Stampeders as a free agent. So if you move Jabari over from the Draft section it drops it to 17 players added via the draft and raises the free agents with CFL experience to 13. I’ve left him with the draft crew for now.

    12 players (18.75%) came to the Stampeders after suiting up for other CFL teams. To break that down farther it works out to 8 import players and 4 non-imports with Randy Chevier being the longest serving free agent with other CFL jerseys in the closet when he signed on in 2005.

    6 players (9.38%) joined the club via trade and it was an even split between imports and non-imports.

    Finally in 2010 Johnny Forzani was selected in the supplemental draft making up a massive 1.56%.

    Now to go into years, the sands pass through the hourglass and we find that 31.25% of the current 64 man roster is new as of 2012. Taking it back another season and it’s 57.81% that has joined the team in 2011 or 2012. Keep that in mind when you see a player in his third season with a team, he is now on the minority side of the ledger. You know those old guys like Rob Maver or Brian Bulcke to say nothing of the ancient guys in the locker room like Rob Cote (2007) or Jon Cornish (2006). Attached is the spreadsheet that breaks it all down!
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    Another excellent article. In the time span from Lewis to the current roster, there has been 3 different coaches along with three different management styles in place which influence the roster considerably. To see the longevity of a player like Lewis with the Stamps has been great as a fan.

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