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    Never would have I thought the Leafs would fire Babcock. I wonder what this will do to the reputation of the 'Best Coach' in hockey. Over the years, because of the way TSN and the rest of the Canadian media pound the Leafs like there are no other teams in Canada, they have become my most hated NHL team. But never would have I believed that the Leafs would fire Babcock after all the noise and rhetoric that was spewed when he was hired.
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    He was certainly considered the prize acquisition in NHL coaching ranks when the Leafs got him under contract in 2015, but rumours have abounded in recent months that (no pun intended) he'd begun "to skate on thin ice" for failing to advance that organization when their window of opportunity opened with the maturation of the forwards they've been able to draft since 2014 and their signing of Tavares in free agancy before last season.

    He and Dubas in the Leafs' front office apparently had their issues as well.

    Of note to Flames' fans, both (former HC) Glen Gulutzan and (current bench boss) Bill Peters were plucked from the Babcock coaching tree.

    One things for sure, Mike Commodore won't be cryin' in his cornflakes this mornin'...;)


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