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    Esks forum today about coaches challenges. Perhaps there should be one, and only one challenge to the coaches for anything other than rough play, and unlimited challenges for rough play, with a 15 yard penalty being called against the challenging team if their challenge is not upheld. I think the head shot on Reilly today, and at least two of the three headshots where Awe lead with the crown of his helmet against the Stamps today would have been upheld. There was no on-field call in any of the cases, yet it seemed to me they were callable offences.

    The facemask-to-facemask hit on Reilly should have been called (whether I wanted Edmonton to lose or not), and in my experience, blows to the back of the head (like in the hit on Messam) are one of the worst points for contact/concussion. Swelling in the brain stem is usually almost immediately life threatening. It looks like he avoided a concussion and brain tissue injury, and therefore seems to have avoided the worst possible consequences.

    But if player safety is truly the leagues biggest desire, and I believe it is in the leagues best interest, then perhaps extra challenges specifically available to only challenge for uncalled head shots would be a good move by the league. Even if it would suck (there is a good chance last week we would have had a call made against us) on occasion, the league has to at least create the appearance of doing everything in their power address present and future lawsuits. And maybe it would deter players from actually taking these cheap shots.

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