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Discussion in 'Calgary Stampeders Talk' started by Mark Stephen, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Jun 26, 2012
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    Coach will join us tonight. Your chance to wish the team luck as they head to Toronto. Hope to hear from you!

    403 974 8255

    1 800 563 7770

    twitter @qr77 football

    text 770 770
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    May 1, 2012
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    Always great to have Coach Huff on QR, here is a recap for those of you that missed it.

    Part 1:

    - Glenn has played great games before, Coach very pleased with Kevin
    - Threw the ball extremely well, used his feet well
    - O-line did an outstanding job - no false starts
    - They installed the short yardage throw when BC took the Safety out of the formation
    - Play had to be around midfield to not give up field position if it didn't go their way
    - Dave asked for the green light to call the play, Huff said Dave was calling a great game so far
    - Young players stepping up are the trademark of the team
    - In some cases, the young players keep the starting jobs
    - Coaches done a great job getting the young players ready to play, older players also helping out getting them ready
    - Never thought Mo Price would be the Z receiver, wanted to keep speed on the outside position
    - Mo can go deep with speed, or catch a short ball and take it deep with speed
    - Last run Cornish had to win the game, Mo had a great block on Keron Williams
  3. Madman

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    May 1, 2012
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    Part 2:

    - Unsure about Juwan's status, he's trying to rehab
    - Mayo did a good job, excellent speed, assignments were good
    - Good tackling game, not the best, have become a better tackling team
    - Playing BC you need to be a good tackling team
    - Coach Huff as humble as always to praise
    - BLM hurt his pride on the first attempt :p other than that, he is good
    - Argos playing very good football, getting better as the year has gone on, a dangerous team
    - Nice to have Ricky Ray in the east, but have to face him in the most important game of the year
    - Chris Jones defence will have them with their hands full
    - "What speech?" :D (re: 2008)
    - Haven't beat Toronto this year
    - Stamps need to go out and play better football against TO to be GC champions
    - Stamps have been a very good team on the road
    - Will prepare very hard coming up to the game
    - Killam does a great job to put extreme pressure on the opposing kicker
    - Puts pressure on the other team's FG team all game
    - Opportunity for players to enjoy atmosphere, but there will be some curfews
    - Will handle this road trip like any other road game
    - Another year left in Mo's contract and they will be talking with Mo's agent and hopefully do what everyone wants them to do

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