Johnson Is Adjusting Quickly At Stamps Camp

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    As a well-travelled son of a U.S. Army colonel, Johnson is adjusting quickly at Stamps camp
    Defensive lineman has been a football nomad, too, bouncing between NFL and CFL opportunities
    Vicki Hall,

    Micah Johnson could write a book on the fine art of fitting into a new school or workplace.

    As the son of a colonel in the United States Army, the rookie Calgary Stampeders defensive lineman spent his childhood on the move from Georgia to Washington, to California to Hawaii to Virginia.

    As a football player in pursuit of a dream, the certified nomad has bounced from the New York Giants to the Miami Dolphins to the Kansas City Chiefs to the Cincinnati Bengals and, most recently, the Green Bay Packers.

    The Kentucky product touched down in Calgary for training camp just two weeks removed from his stint in the land of the cheeseheads.

    Life as the new kid just feels like second nature to this 24-year-old.

    “It’s so easy for me,” Johnson says after practice at McMahon Stadium. “I’m so adaptable. Everyone in the locker-room already knows me. I’m talking to guys. I’m not even nervous anymore. I know some guys are nervous and tight.

    “But I’ve been on the move since I was a kid.”

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