Let's Talk CFL Lets Talk CFL Episode #25 Week 11 Preview

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    Lets Talk CFL Episode #25 (we had an impomptu show on Monday aboutthe rider firing Taman & Chamblin) Week 11 Preview. The panel will give you their thought and comments on Week 11.... what is going to happen on this the labour Day Long Weekend... Do the riders final get a victory or do the Bomber learn to play football???? If the rider do wion after firing their coach as did the Als... will the Bombers follow suit... The Battle of Alberta... Speculation that Mike Reilly will be back playing football real soon... Can Franklin cement a position? Does BC bounce back against Montreal or does the new/old Head coach of the Als keep them grooving... Then we have a pissed off TiCats team hosting the Argos... I see a world of hurt coming to the Double Blue... Join us on Lets Talk CFL...

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