Let's Talk CFL Lets Talk CFL Episode #41 Reviewing Week 18

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    Lets Talk CFL Episode #41 Reviewing Week 18 of the 2015 CFL Season. The panel of Kelly Bale, Mike Townsend, Charles Cliff & Christopher Jones dissect the the most recent games. The Double Double header... Friday & Saturday night saw 4 games total. Each game with Playoff implications. Week 18 saw 8 out 9 teams still viaing for a playoff position... How many are still in the running and has anyone stepped up and stepped away from the pack. This is a great time to be a CFL fan and do not miss one minute of the BEST All CFL Podcast. This is where we talk football for 2 straight hours. No commercials, no breaks, no idol babble. Just football, CFL Football. If you cannot catch us live.... make sure you pick us up on repeat with Blogtalkradio, iTunes, Tunedin or Stitcher.

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