Letters From Camp With Randy Chevrier

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    After 13 years of doing training camps, it never gets old. The only thing that gets old is me.

    This year, I feel better going into practices, which are always tough. Usually, a few days into camp, you start to feel stiff, sore and it takes a while to get going.

    I know every year I say it, but this year has probably been the most drastic transition physically and I feel the best I’ve probably felt in my career.

    I’m able to keep up with all the young guys out there and I feel faster.

    Speaking of the young guys, they bring some wide-eyed enthusiasm. Charlie Power has brought me cake today for my birthday, so that’s something the young guys bring to the vets that I thought was pretty good.

    The rookies also bring an ability for you as a veteran player to get better by teaching. You can’t underestimate that effect on a vet. When we get a chance to mentor and to help others, you get to see what they’re doing and it helps you improve your game.

    Read more: http://www.stampeders.com/article/letter-from-camp-june06

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