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    Calgary 48 - Ottawa 3

    What a difference a bye week makes.

    The Calgary Stampeders, who recently lost to the Ottawa RedBlacks on July 24th in a close game decided by a fumble, were determined not to make the same mistake twice, especially not at home. The RedBlacks may have still been savoring their previous win that the Stamps gifted them, but what the Lord giveth, the Lord can also taketh away. Taketh-away? What a perfect segue...

    Just over five minutes into the first quarter, all-star long snapper Randy Chevrier pounced on a Brandon McDonald fumble to set the table for a two-play drive ending in an 11-yard touchdown run by Bo Levi Mitchell, followed up by a two-point conversion toss to Tony Harrison. Score: 8-0.

    The RedBlacks responded with a good drive of their own, finishing with a 31-yard field goal by Chris Milo. Score: 8-3.

    Three minutes into the second quarter, the Stamps march down field on a 24-yard pass to Eric Rogers and a 37-yard bomb to Joe West to set up a 1-yard plunge by Bo Levi Mitchell into the endzone. Score: 15-3.

    Four minutes later, Brandon McDonald again mishandles a punt and loses the ball to Adam Berger. Next play, Bo Mitchell throws a perfect toss to Joe West for a 17-yard touchdown. Score: 21-3.

    Six minutes later, a 22-yard field goal by Rene Paredes. Score: 24-3.

    The Stamps defense stuffed the RedBlacks on their next drive. The offense took to the field in great position and were poised to attack again. With just three seconds left in the first half, why add another touchdown? Because it's fun! Cue the 23-yard touchdown pass to Eric Rogers. Extra point...good! Score: 31-3.

    The 27,566 fans at McMahon Stadium are now in ecstasy.


    Mic drop.

    No need to summarize the second half. It was just as bad for the Redblacks as the first. For the Stampeders, it was the most complete total game they've played in years. Or at least since the 2014 West Final against Edmonton.

    So much for slow starts. The Stamps came out like gangbusters, grabbed the throat of the RedBlacks and didn't let go until the final whistle. The offense took advantage of every Ottawa turnover and also had the luxury of starting from around mid-field or better on nearly every drive. It's like the defense or special teams would set up the pool table, and the offense would say 'thank you' and clear it. Bo Levi Mitchell went 17 /25 for 243 yards and 2 TDs. Mr. Rogers had 5 catches for 92 yards, McDaniel 4 catches for 47 yards, Joe West, 2 catches for 54 yards, and Jeff Fuller, 3 catches for 27 yards. The running game is still a work-in-progress given the rag-tag O-line, but the pass protection has been fairly effective (although the Stamps did give up five sacks). I thought Tony Harrison also played well, rushing seven times for 18 yards and catching three critical passes. It also helps to keep the opposing defense honest when Bo Mitchell is a threat to take off, which he did three times.

    Juwan Simpson carried the flag out of the inflatable helmet to lead his team onto the field. He had two tackles and a sack. But the star of the defense was probably weakside linebacker Deron Mayo, with four tackles, a special teams tackle and a sack. The stamps collected a total of five sacks on the game, along with an interception by dependable DB Fred Bennett. Apart from a good drive with a few deep passes by Ottawa in the first quarter, the secondary played shut down the rest of the night. Meanwhile, the front four and linebackers allowed only 21 yards by Ottawa on the ground.

    Special Teams
    It was an extra special night on special teams, lead by Randy Chevrier, Adam Berger, Joe Burnett, Tim Brown and Rob Maver. Chevy started the ball rolling (literally) with the first recovered fumble in the first quarter, followed by two more fumble recoveries by Berger and Burnett later on. Remember when I said Tim Brown looked like he was about to break one open for a return any game now? And remember how I hoped that when he did, there wouldn't be a penalty flag? Well he did, and there was. Despite the flag, Brown had another productive game to extend his lead in overall combined return yards at 880. Rene Paredes was steady, missing just one PAT. The sleeper star on special teams was William Langlais, with two thumping special teams tackles. It looks like coach Mark Kilam has more than one gunner he can choose from. Last but not least, there was Rob Maver. He had two more well-placed critical coffin corner punts up his sleeve, just in case Ottawa still had any funny ideas about mounting a comeback.

    Goat Play of the Game
    A whole herd of goats this game. But the most obvious choice to wear the horns is RedBlack DB Brandon McDonald, who had two special teams fumbles. After the second one, I almost felt sorry for him. Fumbling must truly be the most frightening thing that can happen to a punt returner, and for McDonald, those two bobbles must have been underwear-changing moments. But he wasn't alone. Helping out with fumbles for Ottawa was DB Jovan Johnson who also had one on special teams. For other turnovers, there was QB Thomas DeMarco, who threw an interception. Then for sheer head-scratching delight, there was coach Rick Campbell who, in the first half kept electing to punt from deep in the Ottawa end, and in the second half, completely gave up on Henry Burris. Henry did not have a great first half, however, he was not horrible either. The decision to sit Burris for the entire second half seemed to be born of either impatience, or surrender. Sure, Hank can be Frank, but sometimes he can be Hank again. Sometimes he just needs a second chance, or a hug, or a black bra, or something.

    M*A*S*H Report
    Hard working center Pierre Lavertu went down with a leg injury and was replaced by Brad Erdos. The word from SUN reporter Scott Mitchell is Lavertu has a bad bruise. No doubt MRI's will be done on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed. There were no other potentially serious injuries.

    Next Up: Saskatchewan
    Stamps did what they had to do by winning over Ottawa at home. The rest of their schedule has them playing on the road for seven out of the next eleven games. The 0-7 Riders are so desperate for a win, it's scary. The Stamps will need to be prepared for a fierce battle. The Riders are not as bad as their record shows, and except for a couple of games, have only been losing their contests by a few points. Still, one would think the Red & White have to be favored.
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