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    I think the only team that is better at bedtime than they were when I rolled out of the wrack, is BC. I think that they definitely upgraded. I do question how much life is left in Reilly's body. He has taken a pounding the last few years. But I think BC probably has a very good two year window to build around him.

    I think Edmonton moved sideways - the guys they signed to replace their loses are all about even to the guys they lost, except Reilly. But I don't think they were ever going to get Reilly back, and Harris is probably the third best FA qb available.

    Calgary stayed the same(ish). I think they secured the player they most wanted, and at the most important position. Defense took a shot today, and before today with NFL signings, but until I see what they put on the field, I am not going to judge it.

    Winnipeg, I think basically stayed the same, defense improved some.

    Saskatchewan ... I think they have fallen WAY behind, mostly by standing still.

    Hamilton is the jewel of the east as of today, oddly enough by signing their best free agents before the free agent market opened.

    Ottawa is unconscious in the corner having been beaten senseless and left naked behind a dumpster in the bad part of town. They have company though, with Montreal and Toronto already in residence behind said dumpster last season.
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