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    ... there would be days like this ...

    it's just been so long since we have seen them, we don't know how to process it.

    Except, one thing for sure, the team on the field tonight, playing the way they are, won't finish any higher then 3rd in the West, and maybe 4th is more likely.
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    Casey Stengel once said...

    "Can't anybody here play this game?"

    He said it in 1962 about the expansion NY Mets.

    I screamed it into the television screen tonight watching the Calgary Stampeders' offensive game.

    Bo, where art thou?

    2 games to go. Maybe.

    A relatively weak competitor who beat the Stampeders in their home opener of the season, so they should've been motivated.

    And they probably were.

    The truth is, they are just not good enough.

    At least not at this stage while beset by as many mental and physical errors as they displayed tonight

    Especially on offence.

    Too many turnovers.

    Too little discipline.

    Too many assignment breakdowns.

    Nick Arbuckle is a hard tryin' kid, but he's just too short on experience to take the helm and ride out the storm. Right?

    The defence, (as has been the case in recent games), held 'em in for as long as they could.

    But Nick was not alone.

    Sindani with what was probably the winning score with under 2 minutes to go fumbles the ball at the Ottawa one.



    Then with under a minute left, Williams with a terrific return, and the hard-tryin' kid under centre marches the ball to the Ottawa 23.

    A 30 yard FG attempt and Paredes puts it through for an improbable 17-16 victory!

    I'll take it! ;)

    Go Stamps Go!

  3. AllSportsCalgary

    Aug 1, 2016
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    ... as I read so many times on other fan sites - it's not how, it's how many. But we are gonna have to tighten up by play offs ... which are still a long ways off.

    And absolutely this ^^

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