Montreal "Ownership" Situation

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    Bit of a conundrum for Randy Commishie. After months, possibly years of negotiation with potential new Als ownership - Randy capitulated to the situation - putting the team in CFL ownership; evidently taking current owners "The Wettenhalls" off the hook.
    Easy, peasy! But what does it mean for participating teams.
    Randy has been mum on the subject but you can bet your bottom dollar it will eventually impinge on the remaining 8 CFL franchises in terms of lower cuts of TV money or significantly (1/8th) reduced profit-sharing.
    The potential new owner from Quebec decided to pull the plug on completing a sale for the Als. Reasons? Did the Wettenhalls want extra vigorish for a dying business? Who is responsible for current liabilities? Did the league remove a financial cushion for the potential new owner at the last moment? All vital questions that are going UNANSWERED.
    Manitoba fans (and more likely non-fans) are already funding the bombers to the tune of approx. 250 million (& counting) due to the unexpected soaring costs of IGF Stadium (or whatever they want to call it this week). Other teams are flying by coin flips & apple pancakes - Toronto, Vancouver, possibly Ottawa. If those teams can't supply extra funds - then the remaining teams may have to kick in a far bigger share to fund potential shortfalls.

    Like most CFL situations - I suspect the tall foreheads to play it out until they can't . . . at that point the decision will be to fold the franchise (mid-season or thereabouts) or take a leave of absence from the CFL. Either situation is not a good thing. In fact, its a really bad thing.

    But the CFL won't fold their cards as long as participating teams (or at least 5 of them) keep kicking extra coin into the pot. Unfortunately, Quebec doesn't have as friendly (or punch drunken) a govt. as Manitoba did when an obviously infirm Premier, NDP Greg Selinger was basically forced at gunpoint by a full human diaper known as David Asper to cough up 100s of millions in stadium & construction funds (with zero oversight to boot) into the kitty. Selinger has rarely been seen outside his hospital room at the sanitorium ever since. Zero accountability is a speciality of most govt. houses but evidently outside Manitoba, when it comes to sports franchises it still rules.

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