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    In Canadian football, there's no time of the year when weather can't play a significant role.

    Even in late June at a season opener.

    The trick is to take advantage of the weather and to profit from it if you can.

    Yesterday, in winning 29-8 against an outmatched Alouettes club, the Calgary Stampeders did just that in a Saturday matinee performance featuring an unrelenting barrage of winds from the north.

    Both clubs had to play in it, but only the Stampeders took advantage of it, scoring in each of the quarters when it was at their back, and once while driving into it.

    The Alouettes finally scored with the wind at their backs, too, but the blowing gale had little to do with it.

    No, Montreal's dormant scoring prowess finally emerged in the sixtieth minute of game-time aided and abetted by a lack of discipline by Calgary's front 7 (with 2 'roughing the passer' calls on successive plays) and an end-zone interference call with zeroes on the clock.

    Given one final crack at it from the Calgary one, even Montreal's anemic attack led by an ineffective Troy Smith was able to punch that one over the line to somewhat tarnish what had been a veritable 60 minute shutout by the Stampeders defence (with a solid assist on that count being earned by the prevailing weather at McMahon).

    The Heroes

    The kid earned his spurs yesterday while riding in the saddle of the Big White Horse, throwing for 313 yards, a 64 per cent completion rate, 2 majors and no picks. He started somewhat tentatively (as did the whole offence), but by the end of the first quarter he combined with Mo Price on a beautiful arcing 102 yard pass reception to put Calgary up by 11 points. As it turned out, that would be the ball game right there.

    Mo Price: Only one catch on the day, but what a catch! The thoroughbred WR for the Stampeders caught the long arcing ball from Mitchell and turned on the afterburners to stride down the last half of the field untouched and into the Montreal end-zone for the 102 yard score.

    Fuller: Maybe the best 'pure receiver' on the club, and also a thoroughbred in Calgary's WR stable, Jeff caught 3 balls for 56 yards including a 36 yarder down the middle, and it was a double team of Fuller combined with a breakdown in Montreal's deep coverage which freed up Price for his spectacular score. (As an aside, I just hope both of these high maintenance players can stay out of the trainer's room for long enough this year to have the seasons I know they have the potential to produce).

    Cornish: Not a spectacular performance with 67 yards tallied on the ground and another 41 yards in receptions, but solid whenever he got his hands on the ball against a furious Alouettes defence. Extra marks from me for his walk-off into the dressing room following an injury timeout (after eschewing an ambulance ride offered to him on the heels of a 4th quarter 'clothesline' tackle by Kyries Hebert). From recent personal experience, I know how persistent others can be in attempting to persuade an injured person to ride in the white van with the cross on the side...;). Good for you Corndog, for declining the invitation and walking off under your own steam! :D

    Lewis: Only 1 catch for 16 yards on the afternoon, but a couple of thunderous blocks from Nik to spring other team-mates for longer gains. No one can suggest that he's playing like a mere shadow of his former self , 'cause it looks to me that he's now bigger than ever! From the physical condition he's in, I can't believe he's not in the twilight of his playing career with the Stampeders, and it'll be a sad day for Calgary fans when that time finally arrives. Nik Lewis is the lone holdover on the roster from Matt Dunigan's days in Calgary, and has become an all-timer in Stampeders silks. I hope Calgary fans will enjoy him while he's here! ;)

    Bennett: Had a great day one-on-one on the corner against the much ballyhooed Chad Johnson, and holding the former NFL veteran to 2 catches and 20 yards, while snagging a pick himself (and having a second spectacular interception he had returned all the way to Montreal's 6 called back on a 'roughing the passer' call against Deron Mayo...:()

    Hughes: 5 tackles and a sack (one of 4 on the day by Calgary's hard charging front 7) for Hughes in leading the way on defence who is playing this season without the benefit of his bookend at DE from last year, Cordarro Law. Solid start to the 2014 campaign by ''Charleston Chews"! ;)

    Jackson: Buddy manned the other corner and had 3 tackles and what should have been a 'pick 6' late in the game for a pretty impressive start to his career for this young defender.

    Smith: 5 tackles for the Calgary DB and one more on ST.

    Calgary's O-line: They held their own against a traditionally hard to play against Montreal front and limited the Als to only one sack against. Special kudos to Craighead (the rookie at LG) and Jones (the sophomore at C) for holding the centre of the line against a tough group of defenders with only 20 games of professional game experience between the 2 of them...:).

    Calgary's ST: Paredes wasn't called upon much, but was 'only' perfect when he was (but what else is new?;)). Maver came out of the game with a punting average of 46.8 yards, but more importantly, he consistently kicked with precision on a number of punts (both with, and into the wind) to pin the Als deep at critical times in the game. I thought Jock Sanders completely outplayed ex-Stampeders returner Larry Taylor and showed exactly why LT is no longer a Stampeder. (What I saw out of Taylor on Montreal's returns is exactly what we as Stampeders fans saw from him all of last year ;)). However, although Sanders looked like a threat every time he returned a kick, he's got to learn to rein it in sometimes. That punt deep into Calgary's endzone that he returned all the way out to the Stampeders' 2 in the 4th quarter should've been conceded as a single. As it turned out, aided by both some smart play-calling (direct snaps to Cornish) and some pinpoint passing by BLM as well as a couple of costly penalty calls on the Alouettes, Calgary marched the length of the field into the wind and scored on a TD thrown to Parker, so no harm done. But next time, Sanders, take a knee, will ya? :eek:

    The Zeroes:

    Penalties: Nope, not as in "zero" of 'em. Far from it. There were a number of the garden variety of infractions against both teams throughout the game, but there was a whopping 6 major roughing penalties of 15 yards or more called against Calgary alone (and a number of others against the roughhousing Alouettes, including the 25 yarder and a disqualification to Hebert on the Cornish clothesline). It didn't cost the Stampeders this time, but there won't be many games when you can exercise as little self-discipline as Calgary's D at times displayed yesterday, and still come out with a win....I hope the appropriate lesson will be brought home by the coaching staff and the players will learn to play to the edge, and not over it.

    Troy Smith: Montreal's pivot is still learning the Canadian game, and it shows. He constantly overthrew his receivers, open or otherwise, all game long, and completed only 45 per cent of his 41 pass attempts. His Heisman pedigree and strong arm may yet serve him well if the Alouettes can be patient with him, but Montreal is not noted for being a patient market.

    Hebert: His headhunting play in the 4th quarter cost his team dearly and he was ejected from the game, completely negating the 3 defensive tackles he had contributed earlier in the contest. You've gotta protect your stars in this league, and there is no question that Jon Cornish is one of those. Reckless play which targets the necks or heads of rival players should not be tolerated and it says here that Hebert will be hearing from Cohon's office fairly early in the week...;)

    The dreaded phrase: "The play is under review": I have found that any CFL game I record on TSN will invariably run well over 3 hours, and until I began extending each session, I would frequently come back to find the final 2 or 3 minutes of playing time literally lying on the 'cutting room floor' because it wasn't recorded. The main culprit is the CFL Command Centre video review process, which is taking ever more time to resolve challenged plays, even when the outcome is transparently obvious from the outset. Please, people, get your act together! Aside from the occasional game which goes to OT, there is no good reason at all that CFL games can't be wrapped in under 3 hours. The late Paul Dojack must be literally spinnin' in his grave...:(

    All in all, a good opening effort by the squad in red and white, and lots of reasons to expect to see more growth from this club as the year progresses, provided some issues with self-discipline with some members of the team are addressed before the problems end up costing them a game.

    Now the guys will get a couple of weeks off to enjoy at least some of the Stampede before embarking on their next adventure in Toronto where wins have been hard to come by for almost as long as I can remember.

    Or maybe even longer...;)

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    Great article. Echo's many of my thoughts about the game. The team definitely needs to clean up their discipline.
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    Watched the replay several times...if Hebert had enough time to cock his arm back prior to clotheslining JC, he had enough time to adjust his point of contact - that was purely intentional IMO and a fine is not enough. I'm 100% behind the leagues commitment to protect it's players. The right calls were made on the field, but will they actually back it up on Tuesday with more than the usual fine and finger wave?
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    Can I like something more than once?

    Great job, and a brilliant kickoff to another year of Mustang Musings!
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    Half his game day cheque is not enough of a fine. The league really needs to do a gut check here and provide fairness in how it protects players from stupidity. Remember too that Herbet is a repeat offender.

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