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    With 9 minutes of game action remaining, the Stampeders held a 30 point edge, which, frankly, I thought flattered the visiting Eskimos.

    37 to 7 Calgary.

    Calgary had been even more dominant than that score would suggest.

    All of 43 yards of net offence from the Eskimos after 3 quarters of play, with 33 of those yards coming off the frequently harried arm of Edmonton pivot, Mike Reilly, who had completed all of 25 per cent of his passes up until that point in the game.

    It was just a matter of closing it out, and getting ready for the LD rematch on Friday here in Edmonton. ;)

    But that's not the way she finished.

    Complacency, poor player effort (on both offence and defence), and lack of focus on special teams almost led to the comeback of the year in the Canadian Football League.

    If the object was to give the Eskimos some measure of solace, and to impart some self-confidence in that squad four days hence at Commonwealth, the Stampeders certainly succeeded.

    In spades. :palm:

    The Heroes:

    Mo(mentum) Price: 5 grabs for 165 yards and 3 major scores (2 of them virtual carbon copies of one another, except one of them, at 66 yards, doubled the length of the first one). Star of the game.

    Mar(quee) McDaniel: a solid effort from the veteran import receiver, with 4 catches for 59 yards, several of those clutch receptions to keep drives going.

    Brad Sinopoli: 5 catches for 80 yards in another breakout game for the novice Canuck, but his effort was somewhat tarnished by his fumble of the football after hustling for a first down in the fourth quarter which led to another Eskimos TD score in their improbable comeback attempt.

    Both Glenn and Mitchell played fairly well, for as long as each of them played, but neither of them was behind centre for long enough in the game to merit "Game Hero" status.

    Similarly, Cornish churned out a workman-like effort with 60 yards rushing on the day, but in a game where I had expected "monster stats" from him, he didn't deliver against a patchwork Esks defensive front 7. He wasn't a "Game Hero", but then he might wanna sue his offensive line for 'non-support', because the blocking opened up very little for him today...;)

    On defence, the work of the front 7 and several DBs stood out (at least for 5/6ths of the game).

    Charleston Hughes: 3 sacks, 4 defensive tackles and a pass knockdown. What else can you say about a player who is fast becoming one of the elite DE's in Canadian football?

    Cordell Law: bookended with Hughes, his stunts helped to free up Charleston, and got him a sack of his own, along with 3 tackles.

    Fred Bennett: 3 tackles along with 2 picks (but his fumble on the second of these helped to swing momentum in the game and nearly turned the tide in the game in Edmonton's favour! :() Learn how to carry the damned pigskin, will ya, Fred? :mad:

    Juwan Simpson: 5 tackles and 2 sacks from a player who's been much maligned recently amongst Stampeders fans who've been looking for a more dominant performance from their MLB. Today they got it.

    Brandon Smith: not much shown on the stats board, but his blanket coverage on Fred Stamps for the vast majority of the game totally neutralized the dangerous Eskimos receiver and kept him from being afactor at all until very late in the contest.

    For Calgary's special teams, a good outing by some players, but not a uniform effort, and asleep at the switch far too often.

    Maver: a solid punting average when called upon, but he showed he's (unfortunately :( ) in the same league as Paredes when it comes to tackling on returns (when he totally whiffed on the tackle as the Esks returner blazed by him on the 74 yarder late in the first half).

    For the Eskimos, I thought Munoz (6 tackles and 2 sacks), Hill (with 5 tackles), Capiciotti (4 tackles and a sack) and Thompson (3 tackles, some punishingly hellacious hits and really tight coverage on Calgary receivers) played very well.

    The Zeroes:

    Calgary's offensive line: as a group, I thought they played poorly, with both Glenn and BLM at times forced to scramble away from pocket protection because frequently there wasn't any. But what about run blocking? Surely, with their vaunted running game and Edmonton's patchwork defence, Calgary must've had the edge there? Nope. Even there, the Stampeders met with little success. The Eskimos evidently game-planned well for Calgary's running attack, with little blocking effort being made in front of Cornish, the results for Calgary's running attack were a foregone conclusion.

    Fumbleitis: Bennett put one on the ground (and lost it), as did Sinopoli and Arthur. BLM fumbled, too, but got his back. Of the lost balls, all of them proved costly for the Stampeders and each of them helped to stake the Eskimos to points which very nearly became Calgary's undoing.

    ST kick coverage: aside from Calgary's coverage (and nice recovery of their kickoff to Edmonton during the second half), I thought the Stampeders displayed too little attentiveness to the task at hand far too often in the game. The Esks' squibbed kickoff late in the game should've been obvious to everyone at McMahon (and probably was, except to the 12 Stampeders on the field of play who mattered most), but nevertheless, Edmonton recovered their own ball, and subsequently marched to another score to make the score tighter yet.

    Larry Taylor: when oh when is this guy going to live up to his reputation and finally break one? In my view, he let too many balls dimple the carpet or dribble out of bounds to be a serious threat on returns today. He was saved on a 'no yards' penalty early in the game when he misjudged a punt, and it hit him as he charged it, only to see it rebound back into the waiting arms of Edmonton's kick coverage. Damned lucky in my view. Too many times today, he ran while draggin' his own balls on the field. Ineffective and totally outclassed by McDaniel on the couple of occasions on which they sent him back there to field punts...;)

    Randle: victimized and in chase mode too often against Edmonton's receivers late in the game. :(

    And for the Eskimos:

    Rwubukamba: victimized by Calgary's receivers (particularly Mo Price), and in chase mode all through the game...:D

    Calgary let a hated rival up off the mat late in the game, and gave them renewed life and confidence when there should have been none left for them to find.

    Calgary has 4 days left in which to do some self-searching.

    To make the necessary adjustments.

    To ensure this time the knockout blow is delivered from which an Eskimos team hanging by a thread has no opportunity, or will, to recover.;)

    We'll soon see.

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    Great 50 minutes of football almost wasted. All thee turnovers were in excusable. Ball security was terrible.
    If it wasn't for a great defensive effort though 50 minutes and a couple of big plays by Price, the outcome could have been much different.

    Special teams and offensive in my view received a D. And defensively in the fourth quarter, very poor tackling. I think come Friday, the Stamps will be in tough because they provided the Eskimos with hope. I know it is hard to play mistake free football, however, taking bad penalties and turnovers nearly turned into a colossal collapse.
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    Sloppy played game by both teams. This one shouldn't have even been close. The Stamps were near the goal line on a couple of occasions and had to settle for field goals.

    The defence in the 4th quarter choked badly. The offence didn't help them, but there were missed tackles that could have slowed the Eskimo momentum.

    Charleston Hughes at times reminds me of Mike Labinjo in his prime. Let's hope Hughes' prime lasts longer.

    Officiating was suspect. There were mysterious calls on both teams that had me scratching my head.

    Mo Price had a monster game. He looked highly motivated out there. Just needs to make sure he celebrates his TDs after he crosses the goal line.

    Cornish was pretty much a non factor. We miss Nik Lewis's seal blocks on running plays. Of course, it didn't help that the O-line wasn't at their best.

    Maver got us out of trouble on his last punt. Flipping the field 10 yards less, and the Eskies might have been in FG range.

    That was scary. Yet it's not the first time the Stamps have collapsed late in a game. I don't know what it is about this team, but they have got to start developing a killer instinct and putting teams away when they are up by a bunch. The Stamps have a long history (going back years) of choking with a big lead. Not every time, but enough times to make one think no lead is safe.

    Looking forward to the rematch. Hopefully Glenn is in shape to go. I guess we'll find out when Huf is on QR 77.
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    Funny, in a few minutes I went from feeling very good about the game and the team effort to feeling very bad, almost embarrassed. We need to get some competition for LT on the return spot ... he just looks totally disinterested right now.
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    I remember talking to a Edmonton fan at the labour day game last year and asked if Edmonton deserved the record they had, he said no. Calgary also could have had 3 more losses then what they should have had. I think Edmonton is more dangerous then their record shows, especially over the last 5 games. The one thing I noticed is the D's lack of intensity and being lax on plays. When Edmonton got their first TD on the comeback, who ever was supposed to be covering Kotch,Koch(can't remember how to spell his name), was running behind the D line trying to get out there, the ball is snapped and the he was about 5 yards behind when the ball gets to the Edmonton receiver. Calgary now knows that it requires 60 min. of football to beat Edmonton.
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    Larry Taylor is becoming a bit of a disappointment. Didn't help that we seemed to have holding penalties every time he returned the ball, but when you only get a 5 to 10 yard return we were always starting deep in our own end.
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    the thread title is actually the same as doug flutie's book for kids. edmonton could have easily been 4-4 or even 8-1 but hey i'm not complaining :D
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    Yesterday's game was a good lesson for the Stamps that no lead is safe.

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