New Receiver Catches A Break With Stamps

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    New receiver catches a break with Stamps
    Scott Fisher,

    Josh Jarboe certainly stands out.

    First, there’s the red-tipped dreadlocks — which just happened to match the colours of his new team.

    And the Calgary Stampeders import receiver has more gold in his mouth than Michael Phelps has chucked into his trophy case.

    But there were times when Jarboe stood out for the wrong reasons.

    “I stick out,” Jarboe said. “I was out with people I shouldn’t have been out with, and I’m the one who goes down.

    “Some people judge. If you get to know me, you see I graduated from college and did everything everyone else did.
    “So don’t judge me too hard. At least get to know me. If you don’t, then that’s just how you are.”

    The 23-year-old is shockingly candid in admitting his past transgressions.

    Other times — like when an errant snowball thrown by another student hit a security guard and resulted in a disorderly conduct charge — he insists he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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