Nichol-Less Bombers @ Eskimos

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    Pretty much as close to a lock as exists in current CFL betting lines.

    Trevor Harris is top CFL QB and has a precision passing game that should shred the bombers acceptable but play 3 to 5 yds off the ball secondary.

    Can see Harris pumping the Bombers for 350 to 425 yds passing under these circumstances.

    Especially with Streveler getting beaten up running for his life first half and having nothing left in the tank during 2nd half. That, and 120 to 160 yds passing won't impact game much. Esks will also shut Andrew Harris down to under 100 yds rushing.

    Here's the problem for the Schmoes - if they think like I do, they're in trouble. Assuming an easy win over Mike "I'm Befuddled" O'Shea's charges is folly.

    The bomber Defense could come up big, limit Harris to under 270 yds passing; Harris could help by having a below average to mediocre game.

    Bomber D could hold the Esks to under 25 pts. Bombers could pull points off long returns, turnovers and Streveler/Harris combo and eke out a 2 or 3 point win.

    But if Harris shows up strong. The Esks defense can contain Streveler & Harris properly - Esks should stomp the living bejeesuss out of bombers, 20 to 29 pts.

    O'Shea can always point to standing post-game and say we're still 7-3.

    Good excuse til you're 7-6 bud. Then you're grasping for the crossover!

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