No D. No W.

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    Well finally the next man up is not working for the Stamps.
    No D. Bad penalties, very little pressure from the front and they look almost a step behind on every play except for Roberson. Too bad for Monson, I think he is good coach, but he just doesn't have the players to execute the defense schemes.
    I would have to say this is probably the least effective defense this team has fielded in the past 4 to 5 years.
    Offensively the offensive line has been atrocious. The play calling very vanilla and I must say this year BLM winning % is going to take a bit of hit. When it comes this offense is it time for Dave to hand over the play calling duties?
    As well, I thought the Stamps receiving corps was going to be their strongest group as a whole would have to carry the team until the D gelled a little bit more. However, right now I would have to say it has been a very big disappointment through a game and a half.
    I wonder how much not having padded practices has hurt this team and other teams in the CFL. It seems more players have to take one or two plays off with every series and someone is heading to the lineup?
    I know they want to make the game safer, but I think not practicing in pads and then coming into games the players are not conditioned to the hitting and the speed of the game.
    Well good luck next game Stamps.
    Wow 5 losses in a row at home (dating back to last year).
    I know the season is not won or lost after the first few games, but I just get the feeling this year will be long one and more than a struggle for the team. Right now next to Montreal, maybe even Toronto, the Stamps are looking like a team that will be picking in the top 3 in the draft next year.
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    Unbelievable. I am going to eat my words.
    Eric Rogers in the air is something special.
    Arbuckle wow.
    Just wow.
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    It's why they play the game.

    All 60 minutes of it.

    Because after the first 57 minutes and change in this game, my view of this contest was not much differently aligned from what you posted in your thread-starter.

    Then the next 2 and a half minutes turned the entire game on its head.

    And maybe the whole season for this club.

    As badly as the various components of this team played at times tonight, when all the chips were on the line, the Stampeders refused to wilt, and collectively mustered just enough effort, and did precisely what they had to do at exactly the right time, to persevere to get the victory.

    The message that win has got to deliver in that locker room is to "stick together, and anything is possible..."

    I can't think of a better mantra for this club as its disparate parts all learn how to play together with some confidence as its components are rebuilt over the season.

    And maybe, just maybe, everything will gel before the season runs out.

    Until then, Stampeders fans will just have to content themselves with improbable victories like the one we witnessed today.

    One for the ages.

    And maybe not the last one this year's team has in 'em...;)

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    I don't know if the next man up is working or not. Considering that we are now at the 4th or 5th man up in some positions, and that those positions are surrounded by 2nd or 3rd men up, it is not exactly the standard Stamps next man up where someone who has over ripened on the taxi squad, drops into a team of already all-stars. Admittedly, I was at my daughters graduation yesterday, so saw none of the game then (watched bits of it today on the re-telecast), but they are about where I sorta expected them to be. Which sounds pretty loosey-goosey, but I find it damned hard to figure out what I am going to see with the Stamps on a game-to-game basis. Recent Stampeder's history suggests Huff will fill the holes and we will just keep on keeping on. But every other sports franchise in all sports in all history suggest that when you lose as many starters on both sides of the ball was we have, there is going to be a drop in play.

    I think this season will reflect that. Probably Huff will keep finding talent, and filling holes, and the coaching staff will keep developing that talent, and they will work together, and get more cohesive and become more of a team. I think we will make the playoffs, but that it is about even odds whether we finish 2nd or 3rd. But I also think that we will be team from the Western Conference that no one really wants to meet in the playoffs as the Stamps pull it all together towards seasons end.

    And as always, every bit of it is hugely dependent on both our and opposition injuries.

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