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Discussion in 'Calgary Stampeders Talk' started by Tundra Mustang, Jul 18, 2019.

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    I think we all expected the Stampeders would struggle without Bo following his injury in the second game of the season, and tonight against the team with the most execrable record in the CFL, the Toronto Argonauts, that expectation was proven in spades.

    The Calgary offence, led by their intrepid sophomore quarterback, played a very ordinary game, as Arbuckle, (perhaps fittingly as we near the 50th anniversary of the first moon mission), really fell back to Earth.

    It was not all his fault as he was victimized by some receivers this evening with a bad case of the "dropsies", and a porous o-line in front of him gave up 4 sacks to the Argos, but the Calgary pivot showed his inexperience and poor judgment in throwing a couple of picks into Toronto double coverage when he had open alternate receivers on both plays.

    The Stampeders' stellar defence with a bend but don't break game saved their bacon tonight.


    Calgary got the win, but not nearly by the margin you might have expected over the lowly Argo-nots.

    26-16 over Toronto.

    Onward and upward! :(

    Go Stamps! ;)

    But it really is a work in progress, folks...

    Let's all remember that.

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    I agree Tundra.
    A work in progress indeed.
    Yeah I thought the offense as a whole has regressed the past two weeks.

    While it is easy to pinpoint the inconsistency in large part to the QB, I think outside of BC, the Stamps Oline is very weak. Partly due to inexperience and to youth. With exception to Bergman, the rest of the offensive line has struggled with QB protection and run blocking is just down right horrendous. Through 5 games, you can honestly say the offensive line has played well in only one game so far this season.

    Even after the game last night on the post game Dickenson even was critical of the offense. Right now the offense is just good enough to beat a team like the Argo's, however, going up against much stronger competition in Edmonton and Winnipeg in the coming weeks they better pick it up.

    Defensively I truly thought this will be a liability heading into the early part of this season. However, like the past few seasons once again the defense is carrying team. While their was plenty of bending last night from the D, overall solid effort. Even though I'm bit concerned about giving up a long drive prior to half time. Greenwood has been a pleasant surprise at LB.
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