News Orridge and CFL Part Ways!

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    TORONTO — The Board of Governors of the Canadian Football League and Commissioner Jeffrey L. Orridge have agreed to part ways with an effective date of June 30, 2017.

    “In his time with the CFL, Jeffrey worked tirelessly to promote player health and safety, the integrity of the League on and off the field, and the values of diversity and inclusion,” said Jim Lawson, Chair, CFL. “Jeffrey played an important role in developing the league’s strategic plan which has, in a short time, helped to elevate some key metrics that underpin the health of the league.”
    Why CFL commissioner Jeffery Orridge got the boot

    Posted on April 12, 2017 by Drew Edwards

    When CFL commissioner Jeffery Orridge was hired in April of 2015, one of the interesting tidbits about him was his penchant for quoting Jay Z lyrics in his public appearances. Unfortunately for him – and the league – his shortened tenure will be remembered as more “99 Problems” than “Holy Grail” (those are both Jay Z songs.)

    Orridge and the CFL agreed to “part ways” on Wednesday with the commissioner leaving his position on June 30. Orridge was two years into a three-year contract and the last commissioner, Mark Cohon, stayed for eight, so this is both parties acknowledging what pretty much everybody around the league had come to understand: that Orridge was a bad fit for the CFL. At least this way, everyone gets to save at least a little face.
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    I guess the only surprise for me is that the decision wasn't made by the league 2 years ago......


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