Paul Lapolice Goes Public (kind of)

Discussion in 'CFL League Talk' started by Bronko, Sep 8, 2012.

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    Its been two weeks since The Prairie Plopster was fired by Cookie Mack..... and other than a quick spew of vicious tweets by wife Tina LaPolice the Porky Pig imitator has yet to be heard.

    I'm sure all canadian media personalities (except Mob McEwen) are vying to get the first post-execution interview with Plop. I know Dave Naylor was in Wpg last week and told the radio mob he sent Plop a text, telling him a few good things - hoping to get a response/interview in exchange.

    I do know one thing. Plop probably won't give his first uttering to the Bomber's flagship station, CJOB, the bomber house organ. CJOB has been the one station thats defending Joe Mack so why would Plop owe them anything.

    Evidently, Gary 'The Gooner' Lawless told his radio disciples this wednesday that Plop called him at home. I suspect Plop's first interview will be with Lawless - but Plop is sitting in the bushes, hoping against hope the bombers are eviscerated by the riders this weekend and Joe Mack's tenure becomes more unviable.

    Its a smart strategy by Plop. If Mack has to be exorcised by the board of directors it may in a strange way create a re-entry for Plop to become bomber's GM (interim or whatever). Otherwise, he stays at home wrestling with his wife for the ipad, trying to prevent her from lashing out on her twitter account.

    Bombers get skunked by Taman's Tigers tomorrow and the fan revolt will be unbearable, even for the stoics running the bomber ship.

    And by staying silent, not lashing out, not trying to defend his coaching tenure Paul Lapolice has further tightened his hold on our community. For other than his standard in-game brainfarts (which all coaches have) Paul is the most belove non-player in the bomber organization. (OK, next to Charlie Salmon the Bus Driver!!!)

    And of course, I miss him. Which I'm sure Paul Plop is taking into account!!!:cool:
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    Mack still has plenty of support out there by fans on And they just love Lawless over there... Be interesting to see what LaPo says.

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