Players have their say in annual TSN poll

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    Posted: November 01, 2012 02:00 PM

    The players have spoken again.

    More than 250 current CFL players participated in the third annual CFL on TSN Player Poll this fall, giving their opinions in a variety of football categories. The surveyed players were asked to name one player for each of the 10 questions in the poll with topics ranging from most under-rated player to biggest trash-talker.

    There are a few repeat winners from last year's poll but there are also plenty of new faces.

    The largest margin of victory in this year's poll was in the Biggest Threat To Score category, where Hamilton's Chris Williams won convincingly with 68 percent of the vote.

    The most wide-open vote in the poll was for most underrated player as Winnipeg's Chad Simpson won the category with 7.9 per cent of the total vote.

    The East Division-leading Montreal Alouettes led the way in the poll with three category winners. Winnipeg and Hamilton had two winners each while the Eskimos were the only team shut out.

    Toughest Player
    Player % Of Votes
    Buck Pierce, Winnipeg 23.3
    J.C. Sherritt, Edmonton 15.3
    Nik Lewis, Calgary 8.4
    Adam Bighill, B.C. 7.2
    Chad Owens, Toronto 6.8

    Fastest Player
    Player % Of Votes
    Chris Williams, Hamilton 57.0
    Chevon Walker, Hamilton 22.7
    Chad Owens, Toronto 6.2
    Demond Washington, Winnipeg 2.1
    Three Tied At 1.7

    Toughest To Bring Down
    Player % Of Votes
    Nik Lewis, Calgary 35.8
    Chevon Walker, Hamilton 14.6
    Andrew Harris, B.C. 10.0
    Jon Cornish, Calgary 6.9
    Chad Simpson, Winnipeg 6.5

    Most Underrated
    Player % Of Votes
    Chad Simpson, Winnipeg 7.9
    Hugh Charles, Edmonton 7.0
    Andre Durie, Toronto 6.6
    Kevin Glenn, Calgary 5.3
    Two Players 3.5

    Biggest Threat To Score
    Player % Of Votes
    Chris Williams, Hamilton 68.0
    Chad Owens, Toronto 14.9
    Weston Dressler, Saskatchewan 5.4
    Chevon Walker, Hamilton 1.7
    Chad Simpson, Winnipeg 1.2

    Most Accurate Passer
    Player % Of Votes
    Anthony Calvillo, Montreal 38.1
    Travis Lulay, B.C. 26.6
    Ricky Ray, Toronto 26.6
    Henry Burris, Hamilton 3.3
    Kevin Glenn, Calgary 2.9

    Nastiest Player
    Player % Of Votes
    Shea Emry, Montreal 31.2
    Khalif Mitchell, B.C. 30.6
    Dominic Picard, Saskatchewan 13.8
    Nik Lewis, Calgary 2.6
    Two Players At 2.2

    Trash Talker
    Player % Of Votes
    Dwight Anderson, Montreal 32.1
    Avon Cobourne, Hamilton 11.7
    Korey Banks, B.C. 11.3
    Jonathan Hefney, Winnipeg 7.9
    Two Players At 4.2

    Hardest Hitter
    Player % Of Votes
    Kyries Hebert, Montreal 19.9
    Ejiro Kuale, Toronto 15.0
    Adam Bighill, B.C. 15.0
    Joe Lobendahn, Saskatchewan 5.3
    Two Players At 3.5

    Best Hands
    Player % Of Votes
    Weston Dressler, Saskatchewan 25.8
    Fred Stamps, Edmonton 13.8
    Dave Stala, Hamilton 10.6
    Geroy Simon, B.C. 10.1
    Nik Lewis, Calgary 7.8

    Best Clutch Performer
    Player % Of Votes
    Travis Lulay, B.C. 31.1
    Anthony Calvillo, Montreal 28.1
    Weston Dressler, Saskatchewan 8.3
    Nik Lewis, Calgary 4.4
    Five Players At 2.2
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    If nastiest means cheap shot and total disregard for the safety of other players I say Shea Emery and Kalif Mitchell are absolute the right choice. I'm surprised Brandon Isaac's name is considered higher on a couple of lists.

    Underrated: Charlston Hughes. Goes about his business without plenty of accolades. Constant and steady.

    Fastest has to be Williams or Owens, but after a couple of weeks I think Price has some serious wheels. Defensively Bighill can cover from sideline to sideline pretty good. Last week he tracked down Cornish on a couple of plays where I have seen earlier in the season Cornish blow by defenders for big gains.
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    Sherritt is certainly an 'all heart' player for the Eskimos, but if the league's 'toughest player' is a two man showdown between him and Nik Lewis, my money's on Nik'olo'dimes.

    Every time.

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    How in the hell does Buck Pierce get "toughest player"?

    He only plays 1/3 or the games and only finishes 1/2 of those.

    I guess being injured all the time makes you "tough"?

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