Point and Counterpoint: the Great Debate on Canadian QBs

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    Here's a couple of recent articles concerning the endless and ongoing debate over whether there will ever be a Canadian bred quarterback behind centre throwing passes in the CFL:

    From QB to receiver: Sinopoli

    The decisions were made about six months apart, independent of each other, but in a little way both of them were heartbreaking.
    Brad Sinopoli had a meeting with his coach, John Hufnagel, just after the 100th Grey Cup game in Toronto. Hufnagel told him there was no place for him as a quarterback on the Stampeders.
    “He gave me an option,” Sinopoli said. “He said I can continue playing quarterback but I’d have to get picked up somewhere else to do it, or I could come back to the team and try my luck at receiver.”
    Before this disastrous season began for the Montreal Alouettes, they wanted Kyle Quinlan at training camp. They wanted to look at him as a quarterback. They believed with the right coaching, the right development, he had a chance to make it — imagine that, a Canadian Football League team believing in a Canadian quarterback?


    Canadian Quarterbacks fail CFL tests

    Austin Kennedy wants to deliver a message to all those patriotic fans bleating constantly about the lack of opportunities for Canadian quarterbacks in the Canadian Football League.
    Just stop it, would you?
    Windsor Lancers quarterback Kennedy, whose team opens the OUA season Sunday at Alumni Field against the Waterloo Warriors, attended the Edmonton Eskimos’ training camp this spring as part of the CFL’s Non-Import Quarterback Development Program, and was able to witness how he measured up against the American-trained QBs on the roster.
    When grading out his work, Kennedy is brutally honest as to why he – and other CIS quarterbacks like him – won’t soon be under centre in a CFL game.
    In all frankness, he believes it’s because they aren’t good enough.


    So there's the basic issues outlined in the Simmons and Duff pieces.

    What do you think?


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