Price’s Breakout Season Has Observers Pumped For 2013 Campaign

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    Price’s breakout season has observers pumped for 2013 campaign
    George Johnson,

    They’re flat-out expecting Mo.

    Mo catches. Mo yards. Mo touchdowns. Mo jaw-dropping, heart-palpitating, mesmerizing moments of mercurial magic.

    “Man, this is all new to me,” Maurice Price confesses. “I’ve never really been in this position before. Even going into the season as a starter is different for me. So I’m not taking anything for granted.

    “It’s humbling.

    “I’m the type of guy who gets motivated by compliments, praise, whatever. I’ve been like that all my life. I don’t live my life proving people wrong. I want to prove them right.”

    He’s just finished up a chit-chat with TSN, only to be intercepted by a smallish, embittered, moustachioed gnome wielding a voice recorder and prattling a series of cliched questions. Sorry, Mo. Comes with the new territory. This is a pro football nomad who, at 27, is suddenly in demand. A late-blooming pro talent now being projected by many to the next big receiving star in the three-down, long/wide-field, deep-end zone game.

    The signs are unmistakable.

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