Q&A with Coach Huff

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    Q&A with Coach Huff

    Stampeders head coach and general manager John Hufnagel took part in a teleconference with local and national media on Thursday morning. Here are excerpts from the Q&A period.

    On the Stamps’ 2014 draft class

    “I was pleased with our selections. I thought that we helped our depth on our football team, especially at some positions that we’ve tried to add more depth, defensive line being one of those positions. As far as acquiring the No. 1 pick (in a trade with Ottawa) it was a very difficult decision. I thought it was a fair trade for both football teams. I traded away a good football player. Jon Gott understands how I feel about him. It was a decision of acquiring Pierre Lavertu, who has an excellent future in the Canadian Football League. (We know) he can play the centre position. We already have a pretty good centre but I believe Pierre can also compete at the guard position. He’ll have a great opportunity when he gets here.”

    On selecting Laurent Duvernay-Tardif in the third round

    “We had the luxury of having three picks in the third round. I did go out to Laurent’s pro day and had an opportunity to talk with the young man. He’s a very committed football player. He wants to play and he expressed to me that if things didn’t work out in the NFL, he’ll be very interested in playing for whoever drafted him. I’m ambivalent about it. In one way, for the young man, I hope I never see him. But if he does come up, he’ll be welcome.”

    On how he plans to keep Jon Cornish motivated after all the success the two-time CFL rushing champion and reigning Most Outstanding Player has enjoyed in recent seasons

    “First of all, Jon’s a very committed football player. He’s a self-motivator. His contract is structured so that the more production he has, the more stuff he can put in the bank. I really don’t have a concern at this time about Jon’s play and his motivation for this year. Most players do need some added motivation throughout the season, especially during training camp. I’ll make sure that every player on our football team is motivated to become the best football player they can be each and every day.”

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