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Discussion in 'Calgary Stampeders Talk' started by Madman, Sep 11, 2012.

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    Roster Information

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    Someone needs to remind Greg that in 1992 the rosters were set at 37 players instead of the current 42 active - 4 scratches.

    Like today the QBs didn't count so the roster of 34 had a ratio of 16 non-imports, 17 imports and a designated import.

    For the Grey Cup the line up was 19 Non-imports and 15 imports + the 3 QBs. They did benefit from having two foreign born players that were designated as non-imports (Hasselbach from the Netherlands and McLoughlin from England).

    Calgary's non-imports at the Grey Cup were:
    QB - Bob Torrence (didn't count in the ratio)
    SB - David Sapunjis
    SB - Frank Marof
    FB - Duane Forde
    FB - Andy McVey
    RB - Blair Zerr
    P - Tony Martino
    PK - Mark McLoughlin
    OL - Bruce Covernton
    OL - Doug Davies
    OL - Rocco Romano
    OL - Bob MacDonald
    OL - Ken Moore
    OL - Lou Cafazzo
    DL - Stu Laird
    DL - Kent Warnock
    DL - Srecko Zizakovic
    DL - Harald Hasselbach
    DB - Greg Peterson
    DB - Greg Knox

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