Question Linger About Calgary Stampeders' Lamarcus Coker

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    Question linger about Calgary Stampeders' LaMarcus Coker
    Scott Mitchell,

    There’s no doubting LaMarcus Coker’s ability to break off a big play.

    There is doubting his ability to hang onto the ball, however.

    The third-year Calgary Stampeders running back put one on the turf midway through the second quarter Friday, and he followed that up in the second half by coughing another one up deep in his own territory but was bailed out when offensive lineman Stanley Bryant pounced on the pigskin.

    But despite the mistakes, Coker did flash the playmaking acumen that intrigues so many about the 6-foot, 190-pounder.

    Coker broke off a 23-yard punt return in the first quarter, shimmying out of bounds near the B.C. Lions sideline.

    He also showed a nice burst on a 15-yard run, as he saw significant time in the backfield, with Stampeders GM/head coach John Hufnagel not wanting to expose starting tailback Jon Cornish to any unnecessary pounding in the pre-season opener at McMahon Stadium.

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