Quincy Butler Spurned By Calgary Stampeders Teammates

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    Quincy Butler SPURned by Calgary Stampeders teammates
    Scott Fisher, Calgarysun.com

    No one was making eye contact with Quincy Butler.

    The Calgary Stampeders defensive back was more than willing to talk to his teammates the last few days, but more than a few were keeping their distance.

    Butler was eager to discuss the opening game of the NBA Finals, especially after his hometown San Antonio Spurs knocked off the Heat in Miami.

    “I have to deal with a lot of new-found Heat fans out here,” Butler said. “Guys are from nowhere near Miami. The guys from Canada are representing the Heat. I’m sticking with my home team. You’ve got a lot of bandwagon jumpers out here.”

    Stamps receiver Marquay McDaniel isn’t exactly a bandwagon jumper.

    He’s a die-hard fan of NBA MVP LeBron James.

    “He likes to talk about LeBron,” Butler said. “But I’m only worried about the score. You see what Tony Parker did to LeBron (Thursday) night?

    “We caught the end of the game, which was the best part. I got to see Tony Parker do that circus act and shoot it off the backboard.

    “It was a classic shot.”

    Butler said McDaniel was on his hit-list. But most Heat supporters were keeping a low profile at Friday’s workouts.

    Read more: http://www.calgarysun.com/2013/06/08/quincy-butler-spurned-by-calgary-stampeders-teammates

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