Returning Vets Making Up For Lost Time

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    Stephen: Returning vets making up for lost time
    Mark Stephen,

    Along with the weather, the progress of a few veterans has been one of the central stories here at Calgary Stampeders training camp.

    Aside from complaining, there isn’t much anyone can do about the weather. The first two days of workouts were conducted in driving rain and cold, but it’s expected that Mother Nature will ease up down the stretch.

    There has also been plenty of attention paid to the status of offensive lineman Dan Federkeil. The 29-year-old is a rarity of sorts as he’s a CFL rookie with a Super Bowl ring.

    Federkeil played his college football at the University of Calgary and was selected in the first round of the 2006 draft by Toronto. But at the same time the Argos were busy sizing him up, so were the Indianapolis Colts.

    Legendary CFLer and later, Colts scout Cal Murphy pushed for the Colts to sign Federkeil and ultimately converted him from defence to offence.

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