Reynolds Deserves a Shot

Discussion in 'CFL League Talk' started by Christoph, Jun 10, 2012.

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    May 3, 2012
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    I suspect both Reynolds and Fred Reid will hang on tightly to their Blackberries, waiting for the call from the first team who has significant injuries at the RB slot. Add 37 yr old Mike Sellers to the list of guys lurking in the shadows as the NFL Redskins said goodbye to the Monstrous man who's already had stints with Edmonton and Winnipeg in his earlier days.

    Sellers is a monster blocker who flattens linebackers and DBs, he showed a slowdown in his running wares last year in Washington.

    He's probably been dragging down around 2 million a year - whether he'd finish out in the CFL for a pittance is now debateable.

    But I can see why Hammy chose Cobourne over Reid, Reynolds, now Sellers. Cobie is the best combination of speed and power. Reid is the speed guy with absolutely zilch tackle-busting abilities; Reynolds is a power guy who's lost his speed and thus exposed his power. Sellers is a power guy who represents a tremendous threat as a blocker only guy, as his speed is now non-existent, thus rendering his power impotent.

    Bombers should be the one looking at him as a versatile blocking back to take the heat off Pierce, shoring up our weak OTs, average guards and newbie centre.
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    Reynolds lost that burst through the hole & seemed to go down on the first hit. From what I saw he lost a step. It's not about getting second chances. It is about being an explosive running back. The hole opens & closes fast.

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