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Discussion in 'Calgary Stampeders Talk' started by Seeker1, Nov 18, 2013.

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    1) If you are playing a team with an excellent running came, would YOU insert two back up defensive tackles who are "somewhat" undersized, when you have available replacements who are "appropriately," the "right" size? (Earl Okine 6' 06" 286 lbs (in camp for several weeks) and Oren Wilson 6' 03" 294 lbs, in camp granted, for only two weeks)

    2) Why insert a WR into the slot position (who is an excellent receiver), but was obviously found wanting as a blocker, when your ground came requires a solid blocking slot back (Rob Cote appeared to do a nice job, for his limited time in the slot, in the second half of the game. (Couldn't he coaching staff see the potential problem putting Mo Price in the slot when putting together a game plan when preparing for Saskatchewan?

    3) The Stampeders were seemingly, unprepared for the elements, and had a suspect game plan, IMO.

    4) J. Hufnagel, time to become the GM only. Dave Dickenson elevated to Head Coach.

    5) Bo Levi Mitchell had better be protected in the expansion draft by the Stampeders. (As I stated before, history has shown that no team has won any big games, i.e. Grey Cup, with Glenn as their QB.)

    6) Time for a new Defensive Coordinator; Campbell to move on.

    Lastly, GM John Hufnagel be very careful whom you protect for the expansion draft:your judgement in certain football matters has been quite spotty and suspect. Your football team has not been able to win the big game despite the "talent" you have put on the field.

    Next year country, AGAIN!
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    1. I was saying it to anyone that would listen as soon as that last game at BC Place was over that we needed to bring guys in asap. You have to play guys that can at least physically compete with 300# lb O-lineman coming at them. I don't care how long they've been here. What we did yesterday was go out onto that field knowing that our D-line was hooped and had no chance.

    2. Yup probably should have went with the straight swap of West for McDaniel. I remember hearing Price say earlier in the year that he wasn't comfortable inside at all

    3. We didn't have the d-line to execute any game plan on defence, and with the turnovers whatever we planned on doing went out the window

    4. Have to protect BLM

    5. Well if the rumours are true then he will be moving on, but wow was he dealt a bad hand for yesterdays game

    Tough decisions to be made for sure for the expansion draft
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    1. You can't throw raw rookies in who still have wet ink on their passports no matter what their size.
    2. Price had 4 catches for 76 yards, not bad for someone not playing their normal position.
    3. They were prepared, and seemed to have a game plan of going for the jugular early. They had battery heated hand warmers. it didn't seem to help their fumblitis though.
    4. That's a possibility. It would at least entice DD to stick around (if he is even thinking of making a move, I don't know).
    5. BLM I'm sure is the future of this team.
    6. Neither the injuries nor the poor showing in the WF by the D were Campbell's fault. I hope he stays, as I am tired of playing musical coaches every year. We need stability at coaching at least for a few years in a row.

    It's hard being a Stampeder fan at times, it always seems to be next year country. Getting to the Grey Cup and winning it in an eight team league is more difficult than it seems.
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    The planning must have been to use Mo Price for the under routes and that said Price led the Stamps with 4 catches. When things don't work and you have to throw and everybody knows it then mismatches show up.

    Calgary was 5 of 16 2nd Down conversions. They were 2 for 2 when only needing 1-3 yards but 3 of 14 needing more than that.

    So much for the Johnny Forzani heat packs.

    Here's the real question. Did Drew Tate start the second half because he is the QB that Hufnagel wants in there or because he was being showcased to Ottawa? I believe the options for next year are - Drew Tate as the starter, Kevin Glenn and Bo Levi Mitchell move on or Bo Levi/KG head to training camp together and Drew Tate moves on. Seems very unlikely that all 3 remain. Question left will be where does everybody end up? Not sure Ottawa will be interested in a multiple injury Drew Tate especially since selecting a QB means they can't select a kicker out of Calgary.

    Expanding on that - You can protect 2 of Kevin Glenn, Drew Tate, Bo Levi Mitchell, Rob Maver or Rene Paredes so who is it?

    If you're Ottawa and can select 1 of that group who is it?

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