Rookie Looks To Catch Break

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    Rookie looks to catch break
    Calgary Stampeders rookie Tim Hawthorne looks to catch break
    Scott Mitchell,

    You don’t know adversity like Tim Hawthorne does.

    Not many do.

    At this point in his career, the rangy, 6-foot-3, 212-lb. wide receiver can deal with a nagging injury — such as the tender hamstring that forced the Calgary Stampeders rookie to the sidelines during Tuesday morning’s workout — and a few missed practices.

    Growing up in crime-ridden Birmingham, Ala., will do that to you.

    Watching a friend die in a tragic car accident, as Hawthorne did in 2007 when the vehicle he and a group of friends were travelling in crashed late at night through Georgia on their way back to the Auburn University campus, killing one of his best friends, will do that, as well.

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