Rookie Stamps Receiver Morin-plante Gaining Confidence

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    Rookie Stamps receiver Morin-Plante gaining confidence after solid preseason opener
    Laval product has speed you can’t teach and is showing the work ethic and hands to match
    Rita Mingo, For the

    Yannick Morin-Plante has experienced more than his fair share of success in football, albeit at the collegiate level.

    As a member of the gridiron factory in Laval for four seasons, he’s won a couple of national championships and basked in the accolades that go along with that. Now he’s in a different setting, where the stakes are higher and the spotlight can be harsh and unforgiving.

    If anything, his stint with the Rouge et Or has been a boon for him.

    “It’s definitely a credit to Laval, the culture they build there,” suggested Calgary Stampeders’ receivers coach Pete Costanza, speaking about one of the youngsters trying to crack a spot at training camp. “He’s the first receiver that I’ve had to work with from Laval and you can tell that he’s been coached right, coming up through their system.

    When you look at him in the classroom and his work ethic there, it goes to show what they do in college there. They probably approach it in a professional manner and there’s a reason why they win, when they put out guys like that that come to work.”

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    This kid has lots of upside to him!

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